Friday, November 5, 2010

One week!

I am back! I haven't blogged for awhile and here is why...I felt like if I continued to write, I would be a Debbie Downer. These past four months have been hard on me and I never wanted my blog to be depressing or a place where I was just complaining about the place in life that I am in. Typically, I am a glass half empty kind of gal (at least I know it, right?). When things get stressful or a situation doesn't work out as easily as I want or expect it to, I kind of freak out. It always works out in the end but for some reason, I sometimes don't have a cool head about things. That's kind of the way this whole moving situation has been for me. There were times when I could confidently say that I was trusting the Lord and I knew that when it was time, it was time. But then other times....whew. I was crying on the phone to my husband, or crying to a friend or crying after Liam went to bed.  Or just being really mad at God because I didn't know why our family had to be separated. Thank goodness for my husband! We really do balance each other out. When I freak out, he calms me down. When he doesn't think a situation through, I bring him back to reality. He has always been willing to work hard for our family while having a great balance of work and family. I think if we were both hot heads we never would have been able to do this :)

I would try to remind myself it could be worse....I have a few friends whose husbands are in the military and have been gone or are gone right now for a year or more. has worked out. Like it always does. It has been quite a journey but I am excited to see this season of life pass us soon. Next week, we are packing up all of our belongings and headed to North Carolina! I am thankful for the person moving into our house. It's a cool story and a huge answer to prayer and I am thankful that our house will continue to be used as a place of ministry for our church and to our neighborhood.

In other news, Liam is amazing. As always. Was that ever in question? I am biased as I am his Momma but seriously. He is so cute and so wonderful.

Halloween was a hit :) Cute costumes, candy and getting to stay up a little past bedtime? He loved it all!

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sarahe said...

sorry it's been such a tough time but praise the Lord for light at the end of the tunnel! I hope the move goes well!