Friday, December 17, 2010

Be the Change, Save a Life....

I feel like the phrase "be the change..." is something I have heard a lot in my life. Usually in the phrase be the change you want to see in the world. What does that mean? Sometimes I think I know, but I usually fail to do it or actually strive to BE it.

Tonight on ABC they are doing a show called "Be the Change, Save a Life" and have these AMAZING and sad stories and then tell viewers how we can help. It is a year long series that ABC is doing and if you missed it, watch the trailer here. Then watch the full episode. As a Momma, I can't imagine raising my child with the fear that the next sip of water he takes could kill him. I have been to different countries, Mexico and Haiti, both on mission trips. I remember how a lot of people were living, but I forget. I forget that a bucket of water can be a bucket of JOY and HOPE. I forget that there might be a creek right in front of your house, but in no circumstance should you drink it. I just can't believe makes me sad that somewhere there is a child my son's age who is thirsty but has no clean drinking water. So I heard about this charity and it has inspired me to make a difference.

Have you heard about donating your birthday? I think I'm gonna do it. Hold me accountable. I might want a new vacuum but the one I have works just fine. Why do I want a pair of Sperry's? Cause I think they will help me fit in in Raleigh. They won't.

My son comes first. And if I can help someone else's child...count me in.

So what about you? What kind of change will you be today?