Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

What an awesome Christmas! This was my first Christmas away from my Mom and brothers and we were really lucky that our families were able to come to Raleigh. Liam was a lucky little boy, lots of gifts from Mom and Dad, Santa and all of his gramparents, uncles, and other family members. He was so lucky, I think it was a little bit overwhelming for him! Our dining room area officially looks like a daycare :)
I have put away a few things for later this year, like maybe his birthday. Things I thought he was old enough for now but are just a little bit too "old" for him. And I am still trying to figure out where/how to organize all of his toys. I want him to play with all of it but I think there is still too much out. Like I said...lucky boy :) He's not getting a single toy from us for his birthday! Ha! Clothes and books....which are good gifts for sure.

As the new year is here I keep looking at Liam thinking where the heck is my baby?! I can't believe he is almost 18 months old and in just 5 months he will be 2. INSANE.
I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring! Hopefully a job for me, lots of trips to the beach and lots of quality family time. Hope your New Year is wonderful!