Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, November 12th will definitly go down in history! Wednesday, on my lunch break actually, I went home and took a pregnancy test and who would have thought...it was POSTIVE! I couldn't believe it-I was so excited, I think I freaked the dogs out :) I texted Justin a picture of the positive test and asked, "Do you know what this means?!" and of course...he was in a meeting! When we finally got ahold of each other, we could not stop laughing in excitement! I can't believe this part of my life is finally here, it's something I have been looking forward to for so long now. That night, I took two more tests (all positive!) and called my Mom and brothers, our best friends, and went over to Justin's parents house. It was an unbelieveable day and trust me, I have been exhausted ever since :) But it is ALL worth it!

My first doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, November 25th! I can't wait-I think it will make everything feel so much more real.