Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting in the Christmas spirit with Shutterfly!

Recently I heard about an AWESOME holiday promotion from that if you blog about them and products that you love from them, you can win 50 FREE holiday cards! Not only do I LOVE Shutterfly, but I also LOVE free things.

They have some crazy cute cards to choose from this year....check out this one. I think Liam's cute face would be perfect on here! Shutterfly has some really cute Noel ones too, like this vintage one that I absolutely adore! You can check ALL of their cute designs for Christmas cards here though and choose one that fits your style. There are some cute holiday cards, this family Christmas letter card is a great idea if you want to include a letter with your picture card but don't want to write a whole separate letter. Here are the rest of the holiday card options. For real...way too many cute ones too chose from! I'm not sure which one I want to make yet!

The website makes it really easy to do your card. Create an account (new members get 50 free prints I think!) and all you have to do is choose a card (harder then you think since there are way too many cute ones!) and upload some pictures. I have used them to make our last 2 years of Christmas cards and am excited to make ours this year! Another thing I think I am going to make this year for the Gramparents is a calendar which you can check out here. Being 600 or so miles away from their only grandchild is hard so maybe looking at his cute face everyday will help the distance not be too bad. They are also super easy to make and make a great gift for the whole year!

Hope everyone is getting in the Holiday spirit as much as I am. I must admit though, I feel a little bit behind with the Christmas decorations and our tree but I need to's not even December yet :) We are getting our tree from a Christmas tree farm next weekend and I am excited! I have always wanted to get our tree from one of them and I am hoping Liam loves it! I think I am going to break out the rest of our decorations tonight even though the tree is not coming for a few days...gotta start somewhere with the decorations!

Have a great week!

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