Sunday, November 7, 2010

This one's for the girls!

I have lived in Kentucky for 12 years now (moved here from Chicago). I haven't always lived in the same city in Kentucky but I have ventured from Lexington to Bowling Green to Louisville. Along the way I have met some amazing friends which was and always is a big fear of mine because I used to be really shy as a kid and when I moved to Lexington 12 years ago, I knew I had to change. I had awesome friends in high school, some who I am still close to, some am I not. But these 3 girls are the ones that I have been closest to since I moved here.  We have been through a lot-I can't even begin to explain the hilarious things that happen when we are together! Being able to share high school memories together is priceless...I love reminiscing over old stories (half of which I can't remember!!).
Inky's Circa 2008
After high school, I went to WKU and met another group of awesome girls. Without these girls, I'm not sure I would be who I am today. Together, we grew in the Lord, learned about faith and who we were and what we wanted to be "when we grew up". There were MANY times in college when I needed a good kick in the ass, and these girls were the ones to give it to me. What's really funny is that boys used to be scared to date any of us because of our bible study leader, Merideth. She really wanted us to date outstanding men of God. and sure enough, those of us that are married...we are married to AWESOME guys :) I am so thankful for these girls investing in my life!
Bemis Hotties Circa 2002

Then...after graduating in December of 2005, my husband and I moved to Louisville. At the time, we were involved in Young Life and became leaders right away. I happened to meet another amazing group of girls that were other leaders or who were involved in college/post college YL group. I have had AMAZING memories with these girls, I can't even begin to describe how fun they are or how influential they have been in my life. I mean...I never used to wear big earrings before I started hanging out with these ladies :) But seriously. What a blessing to have another great group of friends!
Louisville Girls Circa 2010

I pray HARD that I find amazing friends in Raleigh. And also that Justin finds some amazing friends's important that the hubs has some good dude friends too. I am confident we will find good couples to share our lives with. 5 days and counting!!

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