Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet puppies

Lately Justin and I have had a lot of conversations about these two cute little pups:

Ellie and Toby. My little four legged children. Ellie is the white and gold Shih Tzu who is 5 years old and Toby is the Yorkie/Chihuahua mix who is 4. Both are amazing, sweet dogs but we just aren't sure what needs to happen next. Since Liam has gotten older and is now extremely mobile, Ellie has anxiety according to our vet. She shakes a lot when she is nervous which is mostly when Liam comes near. She spends her days sleeping under our bed or sleeping in her bed in our bedroom. She rarely comes out now, unless Liam is sleeping or if he has snacks. She loves goldfish so she readily comes to hang out when it's snacktime! Toby on the other hand has become so much better with Liam but he will still show his teeth to him when Liam gets too close in certain situations. Other times, Toby chases Liam around, licks him and plays with him.

We are at a point right now that we just don't know what to do. We wonder if both dogs would be better off in new homes with older kids or to an older couple? I had a conversation with a good friend tonight who went through the same situation. Her and her husband had two awesome dogs but once the kids were born, they had to change something. They know where one of their dogs went but the other one they aren't sure. Both dogs are so dear to Justin and I but Ellie would be the hardest to give up. Thinking about it makes my eyes swell up with tears....oh man. What a tough decision. I know having kids doesn't mean you can't have pets but I feel so bad for my dogs...I can't handle walking them both with Liam by myself, I don't have as much time for them now and I just feel like they aren't enjoying their little puppy lives like they should be. What are your thoughts? Have you been through this situation before? Leave a comment for me :)

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sabrina said...

i obviously dont have kids, but i would say to remember that liam is going to keep growing. and i was always sad i didnt grow up in a home with pets. unless they are dangerous for him, i would let them all adjust.