Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neighborhood tattletale?

So here is a fun fact about me: I keep all metro service phone numbers in my phone. And I use them...often. It comes in really handy that I have them actually. Once, I was driving down Frankfort Ave. and saw a homeless man wearing a heavy camo jacket, no shirt, pants and no shoes with his little friend hanging out, peeing on the sidewalk...and people were WALKING RIGHT BY HIM!!! Ew. I don't really want to see that. So I called the police. In our old apartment, our downstairs neighbor left his dog alone way too much. And the dog barked...way too much. Once, he went on spring break and left the dog with someone who NEVER came to feed him or let him out. So I called metro animal services. And then I let the neighbor have it when he got back...not in a mean way. In a pretend, playing dumb kind of way but it got the point across that I was disgusted with his actions towards his pet.

I am sure there have been many more instances that I have called, I know there have been. Like today. For about three weeks now, Justin and I have been calling the city about our backyard neighbors. They are across the ally from us and I honestly had no idea what was going on until Justin showed me how to open the back gate (it's like a fortress! haha). I walked outside and was so upset at what our alley looked like. We believe that they have abandonded their house and apparently before they did, took every ounce of crap from their house and put it in the alley. SICK. So that's being taken care of now...or they will get many more calls from me :) boy and I were coming home tonight from dinner at my inlaws and there was our neighbors puppy running around everyones yard. So to make a long story short, I knocked on the door a few times and stuck the pup in our yard. Now, he is a beagle puppy and the thing about beagles is that they can squeeze through anywhere! So after calling metro animal services and finding a way to keep him in the yard, an hour later the owners came home and I brought the dog back. Meanwhile, it was thirty minutes past Liam's bedtime, Toby was trying to attack the poor puppy and Ellie went and hid under the bed like usual. Oy vey. Momma is cleaning up for a showing we have tomorrow (fingers crossed!!) and off to bed. I am wiped!

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sarahe said...

eep! sounds like neighborhood drama for sure! my motto is "good fences make good neighbors" and i totally believe it! hope you won't have these problems in your new home!