Thursday, July 8, 2010

So long!

See, I knew I wouldn't be good at this blog stuff :) I haven't written in awhile but life has been busy! We've been packing up the house a little bit at a time, had Liam's first birthday party, trying to spend as much time with friends and family as possible, our 5 year anniversary is tomorrow and Liam's first birthday is Monday. Then on Tuesday...Justin leaves for North Carolina without us. So sad. I thought I would be ok and be able to suck it up and do it but I am really, really sad about it. He's my husband...of course I don't want to be seperated for who knows how long. And he's Liam's daddy...I don't want to Justin to miss anything new. Liam is almost walking and I don't want Justin to miss his first steps or some new words. I know we will be ok. That doesn't make it any easier though!

Going to visit family in Lexington today...I will write and post pictures of Liam's birthday later!

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sarahe said...

wow--huge stuff going on! i will be praying for you guys as you make this transition, and that the house sells quickly.