Monday, August 23, 2010

New words.

Today as I was cleaning up from dinner (pizza, veggies and of the year right here folks haha!) I heard Liam in his room taking books off of his bookshelf. This is one of his many favorite things to do. All of his books are on the bottom shelf so he can reach them and he takes them off two or three at a time. He used to just dump them and then be on his way to something else or maybe flip through his favorites. But now, he flips through them and then hands them to me to read. So anyways, I put down what I was doing and went into his room. As I walked in, I heard him making a noise and couldn't figure out what it was. Then I realized he was reading this book called "Jungle Babies" and was on the snake page. Every time I read it I make a snake noise and poke at Liam and he was MAKING THE NOISE! I couldn't believe it! We have tried for months and months to get him to do a dog noise but he never does. So just to make sure, I re-read the book to him and asked him what it was and he made the hissing noise again. awesome. This weekend he also started to say "na" for a matter of fact, he got so excited in the grocery store today when he saw them he was SCREAMING it. "Mama! Na! Na! Na!" Hahaha. I love it! And tonight when we were reading that same book, there is a monkey holding a banana and he pointed it out saying "na!"

It is so fun to be in this next stage of him talking and not just babbling anymore. Justin comes home tomorrow night for a short visit so I know that he will be shocked and amazed at how much Liam has changed. Liam was barely taking steps when Justin was home just three weeks ago and now he is almost running everywhere!

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