Sunday, September 12, 2010

A (not so really) cuddly weekend

Liam woke up Friday morning with a bit of a cold. Runny nose, watery eyes, the usual stuff kiddos get from playing with other kids and being at the park everyday. I thought nothing of it until I myself started feeling bad too. Oh man. I never get sick. So as the day progressed I passed it all off on allergies but didn't really feel like doing much. So after Liam's super short nap (he couldn't breath from his stuffy and/or runny nose) we went and rented some Disney movies. I know...I need to buy them. But Disney movies are expensive! So...we rented Finding Nemo and Toy Story and got a bag of popcorn. On our way back home, I had visions of us cuddled up on the couch, watching Nemo, eating popcorn and possibly falling asleep. We got to the house, popped our popcorn and settled on the couch with juice, popcorn and blankie. Let me just say that Liam is EXACTLY like his daddy. He can not sit still for anything! Nevertheless, he LOVED Finding Nemo inbetween playing with toys, snacking on popcorn and jumping up and down on the couch. Pictures coming soon :)

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sarahe said...

aww, sorry you are both sick but i hope that you both get better soon--and buy those disney movies!! (patrick and i have already started a HUGE collection)