Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First trip to Raleigh...

Last weekend Justin and I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit our new home for the first time. Justin has obviously been a lot lately for his interviews but I had not been yet. We left Friday morning, leaving Liam at home with his Gigi (my Mom) and the pups. I wasn't nervous about leaving Liam with my Mom, I trust her 100% but let's just say we weren't even gone an hour before we got a phone call from our alarm company saying the police were being dispatched to our house. What the?!?

Let me start at the beginning...and I will try to make it short. Justin and I have "keychain" alarm turns the alarm on and off and has a panic button. Makes it super easy when coming and going because you don't have to constantly hit a code. Makes it not so easy when your 11 month old LOVES to play and chew with your keys. Mom, Liam and the dogs came back to the house after dropping us off at the airport. We had a showing that morning at the house so Mom came in to see if anyone had been here yet and when she realized they hadn't, she went back outside to get Liam's stroller to take them all on walk. To tide him over....yes...she gave him my keys. Now Justin and I know not to give Liam our keys anywhere in the vacinity of the house but we had forgot to mention that when we left. So, to make a long story short...the police show up at my house while people are looking at and Justin and I are getting phone calls at the airport about the panic button being hit and no one can get ahold of my Mom. The whole entire story is hillarious...I was totally able to laugh about it once I knew they were ok!

Raleigh was great though. I fell in love with it and we found a great apartment. If you haven't been yet...go. Better yet, come visit us. We would love to have you :) I also rescued a puppy that we found in the woods behind the hotel parking lot...poor guy. If we lived there already, I totally would have taken him home!

Keep crossing your fingers that our house sells quickly...I really don't know if I could handle Justin being in Raleigh and me, Liam and the pups here. Have to just keep reminding myself that God's timing is pefect :)

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